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Reality Is Never As Sweet Chapter 7
Another Day, Another Journey
That night I had more nightmares, I dreamt of cages, restraints, and faceless captors. It was awful, there was no escape from it. I woke up in cold sweat. Black was gone and Riolu was training. He was punching the air with a determined look on his face. It made me giggle, he was too cute to look tough.
Riolu barked at me when he saw I was awake. He grabbed a letter from the dresser and gave it to me. I sat up and leaned against the headboard.
I've gone to challenge the gym. You should head there as soon as possible. I want to leave here tonight, with Team Plasma lurking about it's too dangerous.
The letter was more formal than other letters Black had left me. It seemed Black was still upset with me about putting myself in danger. It was annoying that he thought I couldn't protect myself, yet cute that he cared.
I stood in the shower several minutes later. I closed my eyes and reflected on the previous days events. The hot spray of water was comforting. I wa
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Reality Is Never As Sweet Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Team Plasma
Today, I got up earlier than Black, I almost thought I was still dreaming. I had to shake him awake, he seemed to have slept off the nausea from his seasickness, and he soon became cheerful. Black was a morning person, unlike me.
“So, to the gym?” Black asked me after we had breakfast in a nice restaurant. It had great omelets, and tons of fresh fruit and vegetables.
“No, I’m going to go to Castelia Park, to catch more Pokemon,” I said. “It’s not fair to leave all the pressure on Riolu.”
Riolu growled at that, he probably thought he could handle another gym. He was proud of the fact that he had beaten two gyms by himself, but I knew he wouldn’t be able to keep it up. Losing at Virbank gym made me realize that Riolu had his limits.
“I want to catch another pokemon too, preferably a flying type.” Black said, grinning. Dewott and Herdier looked offended. Black patted them both on the head and that see
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Reality Is Never As Sweet Chapter 5
Chapter 5: The First Meeting
I rolled over in bed, groaning as light hit my eyes. I cracked open my eyes to see that Black was gone. There was a note on the nightstand underneath Riolu’s pokeball. I struggled to reach the button to let Riolu out.
“Hey Riolu,” I said sleepily. “Can you hand me that note?”
The Riolu replied with it's strange cry, which had become oddly comforting. It handed me the note with its cute little paws. The note said that Black had gone to explore the city and eventually challenge the gym. He probably wouldn't be back for a while, so I should just explore on my own, the note said.
“Well, I’m going back to sleep,” I yawned. My head had barely hit the pillow before Riolu jumped on me. He stood on my stomach and stared at me in judgement.
“Fine, fine. Get off and I’ll get up,” I said to Riolu.
I got ready and we both left the pokemon center. There was a crowd forming in the courtyard next to the hous
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Reality Is Never As Sweet Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Finally, Our Pokemon Adventure Begins
The next day I woke up with a smile. Unusual, as I’m definitely not a morning  person. As I’ve gotten comfortable at Floccesy Ranch, I let more of my personality show. I don’t want to  say I was less polite, but I totally was. I was mainly less formal with Mrs. Floccesy and Black. I didn’t hide my emotions either. One time I didn’t speak to Black for an entire day when he hid a Dunsparce in the barn for me to find. The only thing I attempted to hide from the Floccesys was my crush on Black. Black is too oblivious to notice, but I think Mrs. Floccesy knows.
Anyways, I got out of bed and immediately picked up Riolu’s Pokeball. I pushed the button and Riolu was released from it. Riolu didn't look that happy, but it appeared to have recovered from the battle yesterday.
“Hey there,” I said to it. “I’m Cassandra. In several days we’re going to go on an adventure. We
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Reality Is Never As Sweet Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Time Flies When You're Having Fun
I flopped on my bed, exhausted, my arms and legs aching. I was definitely going to be sore in the morning. Working on the ranch was a  lot of hard physical labor, more than I had ever done before. Still, it was fun. I helped Black with the Mareep, and was shocked, literally. I tugged too hard on a bristle in a Mareep’s wool, it wasn’t happy. It didn’t actually hurt that much, it was kinda like the static shock you get when you rub your feet on carpet and touch someone.
Anyways, in the middle of the day we took a break for lunch. Black had brought his own lunch and went off on his own into the wood with a Lillipup. I think he was training, but I don’t see why he wouldn’t just say so. I had a nice lunch with Mrs. Floccesy, she made me PB&J sandwich. Then I hung out at the edge of the wood for the rest of my break. I took the “don’t go into the tall grass” to heart and decided to just watch t
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Reality Is Never As Sweet Chapter 2
Chapter 2: What To Do Now
Light filtered into the room, waking me from my slumber. I had slept quite comfortably, surprisingly considering I had been transported to another world the day before. I rolled out of bed and found a pair of jean shorts, a turquoise plaid shirt, a white towel, a brush, some hair ties, and a note on the dresser. The note said that the bathroom was at the end of the hall and to help myself to the soap, shampoo, and conditioner. After I made the bed as neat as possible, not wanting to burden Mrs. Floccesy with any more work, I went to the bathroom.
The bathroom was very pretty, I noted when I entered. The walls were a cobalt blue and the floor tiles were porcelain white, they matched the toilet and vanity. I shut and locked the door. Then I proceeded to get undressed and into the shower. I stood under the hot spray of the water for a while, contemplating my situation. I wasn’t sure If I wanted to go home immediately. Or if I even could. If I did go home I
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Reality Is Never As Sweet Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Be Careful What You Wish For
“I’m bored,” I whined to my empty room. It’s been a few days since school ended and I didn't have anything to do. Lying on my bed was comfortable but boring. I got off my bed and looked around my room for something to do. I've read all the books on bookshelf multiple times. I didn't really feel like looking for a new show on Netflix either. I searched through my desk drawers and found the perfect solution.
“Pokemon? I haven’t played this in a while.” I said out loud to myself as I got out my 3DS. I pulled out Pokemon black, I liked the different villain plot line. And N was such a cutie.
After beating two gyms, I started to get sleepy. I made sure to save my progress and then leaned back into my pillows. It’d be great to live in the Pokemon world. Life would be so easy and fun.
“I wish I could live in the Pokemon world.” I whispered to myself before falling asleep.
“Hey are you oka
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Sangwoo by claudiadragneel Sangwoo :iconclaudiadragneel:claudiadragneel 116 5 Yoonbum by claudiadragneel Yoonbum :iconclaudiadragneel:claudiadragneel 123 3 Death Note: Flash Game by SilentReaper Death Note: Flash Game :iconsilentreaper:SilentReaper 26,091 14,511 Death Note Gasm by celesse Death Note Gasm :iconcelesse:celesse 42,033 5,831
Tigerstar's Council of Doom
Tigerstar: Welcome, fellow cats of the Dark Forest, to my evil council, as we break the accursed rules of this star-clan forsaken place and speak to one another. First, I believe introductions are in order. I am Tigerstar, former leader of Shadowclan, and I was sent to this dismal place for seeking to unite the clans under my rule, and create a new dynasty in the forest that not even Starclan could stop.
Brokenstar: Hurrr, my name is Brokenstar, and I think I dun gone get sent here because I killed my apprentices to make my clan stronger. Durrr.
Tigerstar: …I'm glad you could make it, Brokenstar… moving on…
Hawkfrost: I am Hawkfrost. I'm here because I took one of Firestar's lives. Then I got killed by a long shaft of wood lodged in my throat.
Mudclaw: *giggle*
Tigerstar: I've told you Hawkfrost, no-one will respect you if you word it like that. You next!
Mudclaw: Oh, uh, hi. I'm Mudclaw, and I'm here for trying to usurp O
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Warriors In A Nutshell
Warriors In A Nutshell
Firestar’s Quest
Cloudstar: *from puddle* Boo!
Firestar: *clings to Cinderpelt* SAVE ME FROM THE SCARY PEOPLE.
Bluestar: Don’t go and get SkyClan. There won’t be enough cake to go around.
Silverstream: I’m allergic to cake.
Sandstorm: You’ve always loved Spottedleaf.
Spottedleaf: Time for some marriage counselling . . .
Crookedstar’s Promise
Stormkit: *falls and breaks jaw*
Rainflower: Ew! Gettitoff gettitoff gettitoff!
Mapleshade: I can teach you how to kick butt. Just promise me that you’ll never care about anyone.
Crookedkit: I promise! Yay!
Reedfeather: MAH KITS.
Graykit: You stink!
Thistleclaw: *whining* Crookedjaw’s deputy now! Can I be a deputy tooooooo?
Yellowfang’s Secret
Yellowfang: *carrying Brokenkit* Here’s your—
Raggedpelt: OH, my pizza delivery! Oh, wait, that’s not a pizza…
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:Warriors: Omen of the stars by dreamshimmer :Warriors: Omen of the stars :icondreamshimmer:dreamshimmer 606 121 Warriors movie poster by papaya-cat Warriors movie poster :iconpapaya-cat:papaya-cat 321 148
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